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Designed for the removal of dust and other small particles, pressure vessel manufacturer DFC offers industrial dust filters particularly made of carbon steel SA516 Grade 70.
DFC's custom filter vessels are purchased for dust filtration projects not only at home but also in Belgium, Brazil, Russia and German. 
We take pride in the excellent working performance of these high-quality filter vessels!

  • ASME
  • CUTR
  • PED
  • ASME + NB
DFC's water treatment filters are designed for industrial applications. Our water treatment filters include ion exchange filters, active coal filters, sand filters and multi-media filters. DFC's water filter vessels are exported to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Sand filter
Multi-media filter
Activated carbon filter
Ion exchange resin filter

SA516M Gr.485

CU-TR Technical Passport
China filter manufacturer DFC offers aviation fuel filters, fuel oil filters, coalescing filters, lubricating oil filters, SS304, Q345R, ASME, GB150.