Industrial Applications of DFC Tank
DFC is always committed to trying our best to tailor best pressure vessel solutions for customers. For decades, DFC serves various industries by providing high-quality pressure vessels, industrial storage tanks, heat exchangers, filters, separators, etc.

Our company earns a reputation for excellence in pressure vessels.
DFC can provide services for the following industries.​
Pharmaceutical Industry

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pharmaceutical pressure vessel
We pride ourselves in our high-quality vessels designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. With purity and precision, DFC's pharmaceutical-grade vessels include:
  • Fermentation vessel/fermentation tank
  • Stainless steel storage tank
DFC has delivered pressure vessels to these pharmaceutical projects:
  • The penicillin project
  • The 6APA cephalosporin project
  • The oxytetracycline project
  • The B12 project
  • The streptomycin project
  • The vitamin project
  • The abamectin project
Oil & Gas Industry
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for the oil & gas industry.
DFC has supported the oil & gas industry by offering  durable pressure vessels including:
  • Conveying tank
  • Heat exchanger (oil heat exchanger)
  • Separator (oil gas water separator/filter separator)
  • Filter
DFC has delivered pressure vessels to these projects:
  • The oil refinery project
  • The petroleum project
  • The oilfield project
  • The gas pipeline project
  • The LNG project

Water Treatment Industry & Environmental Protection

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   DFC has supported water treatment & environmental protection by supplying industrial pressure vessels such as:
  • Surge tank
  • Filter (water filter/dust filter)
  • Large water storage tank
DFC has exported pressure vessels for water projects to foreign countries which are listed below:​
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Saudi Arabia
Iron and Steel Industry
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We are proud to deliver highly engineered pressure vessels for steel mills not only in China but also in Malaysia.

DFC's pressure vessels designed for steel mills are listed below:
  • Conveying tank
  • Air storage tank
DFC's pressure vessels also work well in other industries:
Food & Beverage Industry   Power Plant
food-industry-and-the-beer-industry    power-plants