Industrial Conditions of Pressure Vessels in China

Industrial Conditions of Pressure Vessel in China

Maintenance of pressure vessels
Pressure vessels are widely applicable to the chemical industry, and it is common to see the enamel coating of pressure vessels damaged due to certain causes, such as the corrosion of the media and changeable reaction conditions, which can cease production. If the enamel coating comes off seriously, the pressure vessel will be returned to the depot and get new enamel coating. In general, considering the high cost, it is not necessary to replace the pressure vessel equipment with little broken coating. Therefore, proper surface repair methods are needed. 

In such case, it is a good choice to utilize JS916 to repair the coating immediately because the method can prevent the corrosion of the corrosive solvent within the equipment, and the further expanding of the broken coating. Or else, accidents like security incidents, environment pollution and the cessation of production will occur.

Practical applications of pressure vessels
As a kind of multidisciplinary product, the pressure vessel has very wide applications in power industries, petroleum industries, metallurgy industries, etc., and its fabrication process is related to numerous industries including metallurgy, corrosion & anti-corrosion and NDT (Nondestructive Testing). Moreover, it plays a vital role in the process of manufacturing and is even a significant symbol standing for equipment manufacturing level of a country.

Equipment used for chemical production, like reactor units, heat exchangers and separators, belongs to pressure vessels

Increased industrial output value of pressure vessels
Metal pressure vessels have wide applications and are essential to the production process. In recent years, the progress of technologies, like metallurgy, NDT and machining, especially the rapid development of information technology, such as the computer technique, also boosts the progress of related industries. Furthermore, based on in-depth studies with vastly superior manpower and material resources in many countries, technologies of the metal pressure vessel has also made remarkable progress.

As a sub-industry of the petroleum industry and the petrochemical equipment industry, the metal pressure vessel manufacturing industry has a steady growth alongside with the growth of the crude oil price. 

According to relevant statistics, in 2010, there were 588 metal pressure vessel manufacturers in China, with total assets of 41,391,000,000 RMB; the sales revenue reached about 48,819,000,000 RMB, raising year-on-year growth of 21.47%; the total profit was 41,391,000,000 RMB, raising year-on-year growth of 37.24%.

With the intensifying competition of the metal pressure vessel industry, there are more and more M & A and capital operation among large enterprises. Meanwhile, Chinese pressure vessel enterprises pay increasing attention to the industrial and market research, especially to the in-depth study of trends of enterprises' development environments and customers' demands. As a result, many great manufacturer brands of pressure vessels in China achieve their success and grow into leading enterprises in the metal pressure vessel industry gradually.