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SA516 Gr.70

ASME SA516 Grade 70 (SA516-70)

Carbon Steel ASME SA-516
: the medium carbon alloy steel for welded pressure vessels and boilers where notch toughness is important. It comes in four grades, and SA-516 Grade 70 is one of them. 
SA-516 Grade 70 covers a range of tensile strengths from 55 MPa to 90 MPa and this versatility indicates much of the specifications popularity. 

The ASME standard SA516-70 composition is as follows (dependent on grade): 
Carbon Manganese Phosphorous Sulphur Silicon
0.27 - 0.31% 0.79 - 1.3% 0.035% max 0.035% max 0.13 - 0.45%

SA516 Gr.70 (ASME) VS 16MnR (Chinese Standard)
In general, 16MnR is considered to be equivalent to SA516 Grade 70. However, 16MnR gets higher yield strength than that of SA516 Gr.70. Compared with SA516 Gr.70, 16MnR's C content is much lower and its Mn content is much higher. Moreover, in China, ASME SA-516 steel is usually used to make exported pressure vessels (design temperature: -20 ℃~-50 ℃) designed for low-temperature working conditions while Chinese 16MnR is not appropriate for low-temperature pressure vessels.

SA516 Gr.70 VS SA516 Gr.485
SA516 Grade 70 and SA516 Grade 485 are same. The difference is their units only. Grade 70 is in US unit while Grade 485 is in SI unit.

Steam Water Separator, ASME SA516-70, 20MWe, 2286mm, Two Phase

Steam Water Separator, ASME SA516-70, 20MWe, 2286mm, Two Phase

Name: Steam Water Separator. Design: Baffle Type. Material: Carbon Steel SA516-70. Manufacture Code:...

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